I'm A Teenage Cross Dresser!

Well, I'm straight but like so many others it started by just stealing my moms underwear. when i was like ten I would go into the bathroom lock the door and go through the laundrey hamper and try on a load of bra's, panties and skirts in front of the mirror. Now I have a hole outfit that I stole from my mother in my room (that she doesn't know about). In my stash I currently have 2 pairs of panties and a bra (i bassically tried them all on and picked the ones that fit best), a pair of skinny jeans, a nice white top, my moms old trainers, some pink socks, a cheap bangle and an old small handbag. I'm quite skinny for a guy so if I do say so myself I think my body is convincing. I just introducing myself to makeup so I my face currently would give me a way however.

My Mom works weekends, so when she's not in I bassically go crazy! I first have a nice girly bubble bath, where I wash my hair with my Mom's shampoo and coditioner, in the place of the Lynx shampoo I usually use. I also apply mosturiser and everything. then once I'm out and dry I get my panties on and stuff my bra.

Once I'm fully dressed in my top and skinny jeans I usually walk around the house holding my handbag, admiring myself in the mirror. then I just sit cross legged watching TV until my mom gets home.

I've never gone out as a girl, I don't have long hair and I haven't got the hang of painting nails and wearing makeup and everything. I once went on to put the trash out with my moms coat, hat, sunglasses, tights and a small black skirt on, but thats as far as I've ever got. I'm looking for a shop that sells wigs around were I live (maybe I'll have to wait to halloween). Once I have a wig and get the hang of makeup, I'd love to go out clothes shopping for my own girly clothes!

If you wanna chat, I'd love to talk to you, I'm new to this website however so if I don't reply it's cos I have no idea how to, I'm not just being mean lol
spaceinvader97 spaceinvader97
22-25, M
May 6, 2012