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Hi this is a new forum and everyone is welcome to share similar stories.

I am obsessed with crossdressing as a teen girl and even though I am in my late twenties, I can pass for 17 when dressed.  I am East Indian, 29 years old, living in Abbotsford, BC.  I have been told I have  "pretty boy" features and a nice figure.  Interested?  Keep reading..

I have crossdressed since I was young and felt the urge to go out in public during my teens, dressing in the latest fashions.  While my friends spent their money on car parts, I would go out with a girlfriend who knew about my desire and shop for clothes, makeup, jewellry and shoes.

Since I am only 5'6" and 130 lbs, dressing in clothing of the opposite sex is easy.  I take some time to get the makeup perfect, some mascara, eyeliner, shadow, blush and lip gloss and then my shoulder length wig.  I love wearing super tight jeans with low cut tops and sexy lingerie underneath.  I have curves, but accentuate with gel breast inserts and padded panties.  I complete the look with flat heel boots or ballet flats and cute silver jewellry.

I feel so naughty and sexy dressed up and love the attention I get, especially from older men.  I have had sex a few times, mostly oral, once I did anal in a local bar bathroom!  I don't dress so much for the sexual gratification but to be be complete from the inside.

I often dream about waking up as a real girl- the soft breasts, firm round *** and curves in the right places.  I know I was born in the wrong body and maybe one day I will become a true TG girl and get the sex change operation, but for now, this is my thing and I want to share my adventures. 

I will post more stories about me weekly, so keep checking and post a comment or share a story that is similar.






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although my mom enjoyed seeing me dressed as her "little girl". it wasn't until my 15th birthday, that i finally negotiated with her a way to let me finally start wearing "big girl's" clothes, like a girl my age would be seen wearing. even then, she rarely let me go out with her dressed as a teenage girl, instead of her little girl.<br />
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it wasn't until my mom passed away, that i finally could put all of those little girl's dresses away, and would get to go out dressed as the teenage girl i had always been wanting to be. but, by then, i was already 19. so, i spent the next 30 years living as a (t)gurl 24/7. i would go to work dressed as other women my age dressed. but, when i'd go out and about, i would dress as a precocious a teenage girl. <br />
in fact, when i first met my wife, i was dressed in one of my favourite teenage girl outfits. which explains why she's 15 years younger than me. regardless of that, we've enjoyed being happily "married with children" for almost 17 years now. so, although i can't pass as a teenage gurl very well in public anymore. i'm still going to, while i can still fit into my things, and my wife still gets off on it.<br />
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well, that's just my two-bits worth on this subject.<br />
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God Bless and keep you safe.<br />
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So much like myself in my younger days Aysha! i can no longer pass as a teen girl but i do regularly pass as a woman. A sex change was not for me due to family issues but i can still be the woman i am inside every now and then. Not perfect but better than not at all.

ive also crossdressed since my early teens loved stealing older womens underwear bras panties stockinge pantyhose ect then would go home dress up and ********** for hours feeling myself up in my sexy fem attire