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Hi this is a new forum and everyone is welcome to share similar stories.

I am obsessed with crossdressing as a teen girl and even though I am in my late twenties, I can pass for 17 when dressed.  I am East Indian, 29 years old, living in Abbotsford, BC.  I have been told I have  "pretty boy" features and a nice figure.  Interested?  Keep reading..

I have crossdressed since I was young and felt the urge to go out in public during my teens, dressing in the latest fashions.  While my friends spent their money on car parts, I would go out with a girlfriend who knew about my desire and shop for clothes, makeup, jewellry and shoes.

Since I am only 5'6" and 130 lbs, dressing in clothing of the opposite sex is easy.  I take some time to get the makeup perfect, some mascara, eyeliner, shadow, blush and lip gloss and then my shoulder length wig.  I love wearing super tight jeans with low cut tops and sexy lingerie underneath.  I have curves, but accentuate with gel breast inserts and padded panties.  I complete the look with flat heel boots or ballet flats and cute silver jewellry.

I feel so naughty and sexy dressed up and love the attention I get, especially from older men.  I have had sex a few times, mostly oral, once I did anal in a local bar bathroom!  I don't dress so much for the sexual gratification but to be be complete from the inside.

I often dream about waking up as a real girl- the soft breasts, firm round *** and curves in the right places.  I know I was born in the wrong body and maybe one day I will become a true TG girl and get the sex change operation, but for now, this is my thing and I want to share my adventures. 

I will post more stories about me weekly, so keep checking and post a comment or share a story that is similar.






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plz suggest me more ideas

i need more from you...i have the same passion..