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Well I am a 15 year old secret teen crossdresser at the moment. I have been crossdressing since I was about 9 and I just love the feel of female clothes against my body.

I crossdress when my parents are out and my brothers are out also, I wear my mums clothes as I have none myself, but I am starting to grow out of them and soon I will not be able to fit into them. My favourite outfit of hers is a matching pair of black panties and bra, black tights, a black knee length skirt which i tend to wear as a mini skirt. I then put on a black tank top and a pair of 3 inch leather ankle boots and start walking up and down infront of the mirror, admiring myself. I havent adventured into makeup yet, but I'm sure I will soon.

I'm not gay, in fact I have had many girlfriends, but I do tend to get turned on when I put female clothes on and would love to wear them full time in public. When I finish school and leave the house, I hope to get a place of my own and start purchasing my own clothes. But in the mean time I would love to meet a crossdressing friend who I can talk to. xx

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About 30% of males cross dress in one way or another, don't have to be gay to be a cross dresser. Best of luck in your cross dressing journey.

I also are the same age as you and love wearing my sisters clothing, email me?

HEY <br />
I'm the same !<br />
I'd love to chat with you.<br />
Suzi<br />