Stress Relief In Cross Dressing.

I have always found cross dressing to be a great stress reliever, as soon as I decided to dress, before retirement, I found that being dressed brought a great relief from my business life. It seemed that once I slipped on my panties and bra I felt I was who I was meant to be.  My wife fully understood my need for dressing and following retirement she now prefers me to dress practically full  time at home. I realise how lucky I am in have a wonderful accepting wife, and look forward to many more years of dressing.                                           
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8 Responses Jul 31, 2013

she is so understanding, give her a hug for ALL of us

My job has several dangers in it and I find having panties in in work gives me a more steady approach to the problems that come up!

I too feel at peace and ease with myself when I am in my feminine mode. Dressing as a woman takes me to my happy place.

I feel very much the same way. I love wearing fun things after a long day at s work, little tops, an frilly skirts, and now that the weather is cooling, my colorful tights. I'm also lucky to have a wife that not only doesn't mind, but likes it.

you are so lucked to have a wife that lets you. me i have to what until she go out like to night for 3 hours or get up about 5 in the morning .

Dressing in one of my long nightgowns is so relaxing... and if I had a bad day at work it relieves my stress almost immediately.

That's awesome! I agree that crossdressing can be very soothing.

That is very sweet! I find dressing to be very relaxing and even wearing hosiery and a skirt is enough to melt away stress.

We are still years from retirement but already talking about living or far enough and away from people so I can have the freedom to dress up daily. My wife is quite happy with me dressed as it makes me happy