Silky Gowns, Slips, Panties And Pjs

It is with some trepidation that I join this group. I am a crossdresser in the sense that I like to wear silky nightgowns, slips, panties and PJs. I do not otherwise want to dress as a woman and do not want to be a woman. My fantasies are all about wearing something silky, preferably a long nightgown, with a woman who is also wearing something silky and thinks it is sexy and fun. I have had some success in the past along those lines, but not lately. I am not really sure where it all came from. The only childhood experience I remember is of  being about 8, playing in the closet with my mom's silky gown and thinking it felt very nice. I first put on a gown when my first wife noticed how much I enjoyed feeling her body through her silky gown and asked me if I would like to wear it. I said yes, and we had some nice silky fun fairly often after that. My 2nd wife kind of got into it as well (technically we are still married but do not live together). Read my story "The Neighbor" for my fantasy. It's not a true story, but I wish it were.

For a long time (after I was no longer married) I used my silky things for sexual gratification and nothing else; that is to say I *********** with them and into them. Only recently have I started wearing panties (nylon full-cut briefs) most of the time, and wearing my gowns and PJs at home (I live alone). I have been wearing my short Vanity Fair gowns to bed with panties, and I now wake up almost every morning with a very nice erection. I am looking forward to winter when my long gowns and PJs will be more comfortable to sleep in.

Please do not imagine that I am some kind of repressed gay guy. I don't want to suck any **** or have anal sex with a man or wear a diaper or pee on anybody or do any of the other truly weird things that are out there. OK, I should rephrase that. Oral and anal are fine with me between any two consenting adults (I have had and do have gay friends and colleagues), so I will leave that out of the weird stuff. It's just that I want the other consenting adult to be female. I like having sex with women, also oral, both giving and receiving. I have been told that I am quite good at the giving part.

I am at the moment wearing a short Vanity Fair nightgown in a lovely aqua color, with matching VF panties. Over them I am wearing a short VF robe in a fairly bright pink color that looks very nice with the color of the gown. It is all very silky and feels very nice indeed.
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To have your entire body enveloped in all that silky fabric is something I would think every man would enjoy. I think what stops most men from enjoying it is the mental block of thinking they must be gay if they like it. The world doesn't have to know what you enjoy lounging in or wear to bed. You can still be all man while enjoying the softer more feminine clothing. After all it is just clothing. It won't make you gay or bi, your **** won't fall off, and I don't think it will create a desire for a sex change.

I buy large sizes - 1x or evern larger - because I like the loose feel. The more silky material the better. I wish they were longer though. I'd like for them to tickle my toes. The main reason I love my long silky PJs is that they reach he floor. You are right about sleeves - never long enough.