I Am A Crossdresser Who Loves Women

When I first joined EP I resisted the label crossdressing for my behavior. I love to wear silky panties (full-cut briefs), slips, pajamas, and most especially silky soft nightgowns, especially long ones. Others like to wear dresses, bras, stockings, high heels, garter belts, makeup, whatever. None of that holds any interest for me, though I sort of understand it. I love to took at women dressed in pretty, sexy clothes, but I don't want to wear their things (except of course for their slips and nightgowns). One of the reasons I watch the Oscar show is to see the beautiful actresses in their elegant long gowns (I am also a movie buff - my list of favorite films is huge)..

So I want to be with women, but I don't want to be one, or even pretend to be one. My dream girl is a woman (a beautiful woman of course) who thinks that my crosdressing is fun and sexy and will enjoy playing with me. I have had some limited success in that area, though sadly, not recently. I want to reecive a blow job while I am wearing a nightie

I am pehaps the straightest person I know of. I didn't even do the adolescent experimenting with other guys that I know a lot of men have done (I was a pretty innnocent, naive kid). All of my adolescent fantasies featured pretty girls in long flowing gowns, though I never played with gowns or slips until much later, after I married my first wife in fact. When I was fourteen one of my male teachers, a man I liked and respected, made a pass at me, but abandoned the attempt when I showed no interest. Actually I only dimly understood what was happening, just thinking it was a little creepy. Then in college I was invited to a party at the home of an architect who was a local patron of the arts (I am a sometime  musician and was a music teacher for 18 years).The place was stereotypically gay - beautifully decorated, immaculately kept, red wall paper in the bathroom The guy who invited me was what I would call an omni-sexul. If it had anything to do with sex in any form, he liked it. I didn't stay long. Shortly after a young man showed up who could only be described as beautiful  (great shape, flowing blonde hair), I made my exit. So the attempt to recruit me into the local gay cultue was a failure. I have had and do have gay friends and colleagues. I sing in a barbershop chorus, and one of our deepest bass voices emerges from the vocal chords of a gay guy (nice guy - his partner comes to a lot of our functions). My son-in-law's father is gay.

Anyway i willingly accept the crossdresser label (it is only a label after all). I like to wear nightgowns, slips and panties, so I am a crossdreser.I do love my nightgowns. It is becoming a bit of an obsession actually. My collection is growing at an alarming rate. Going to have to slow down.

While writing this I am wearing an exquisitely silky soft nighgown by Miss Elaine over a very sexy Vanity Fair half-slip (30" with a long slit and very delicate lace trim). Feels great.
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

Me too. I love the girly pastel colors and the softness and the lace. Why aren't men suppoed to like the silky feel of nylon or silk? Doesn't make sense.

I resisted the label of crossdresser at first too, but then realized all it meant the I wore clothing that is intended for the opposite sex. In theory women can be called crossdressers, but they never will be labeled as that even though some wear clothing that was intended for men. To me it is clothing I enjoy wearing because of the textures and the colors women's clothing offers.