All Guy - Sometimes Crossdresser

Yes, i am a crossdresser. Originally I thought maybe I was just a guy with a panty fetish. I love silky nylon panties. But I also love all other items of lingerie and I wear them whenever I can. I have had skirts, blouses and dresses in my collection in the past but those have long been purged. My opportunities to cross dress are very limited. My wife does not know and she would be freaked out by it.

I know that I could never pass as a woman but the notion of dressing all the way with wig ang makeup fascinates me. Perhaps someday. However, despite all of this, I am completely straight. No interest in being with another guy or even dressing up with one. I would love to dress with a female but that is more fantasy than reality.

In the meantime, I enjoy sharing shopping experiences and tips online with like minded CDers who have found good places to shop and nice fitting, sexy, feminie lingerie
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3 Responses Sep 11, 2012

i have seen their site and some of the panties look great. I just cannot buy anything online - someone sees the credit card statements and what comes in the mail. Too deep in the closet to risk it. so, when I travel, a quick trip into a strange mall and a cash sale is about as good as I can get. the only problem is that if I screw up on the size, then it is $$$ down the drain.

Hi vflno8,
I have purchased panties from an on line site called 'Panties for Men'. They feel really nice to wear and are very comfortable. 'No bits falling out' which I find is often the case with traditional womens underwear.
Great to have you as a friend.

For panties, I normally go to a mall store. Penneys, Sears, Macy's all seem to carry Vanity Fair briefs which are my favorite. I also like Bali Freeform panties but they are harder to find. Some other really great brands seem to only be avialable online. I have purchased those in some of thier outlet stores. I wear a size 42 bra and I like the smallest cup size I can get becaus it is less obvious. So I shop at Catherines for that. A bit pricey but nice. I don't get to dress up that often so I will pay a little extra to enjoy what I am wearing. Still looking for that comfortable place where I might be able to try on a slip, a cami, a nice top, skirt or dress. That's probably more fantasy than reality though.