How Dressing Started For Me

At a young age around 10 I had a great desire to not only dress but also wanted to be a girl. I would sneak into my sisters room and take their slips, bra's, panties and nylons from them. I would put them on and sleep all night dressed in them all the time. In the morning i would either hide them between my mattress and box spring or just tuck them under the cover laying them flat or putting them under the sheets at the very end of the bed. Then after awhile i would return them. when in the bathroom I would go through the hamper and remove any sexy clothes I would find in there and put them on. I would pretend to be sick so I could stay home and dress completely with moms wig, jewerly and make up. During my Jr High school days on days I didnt have Gym class i would wear pantyhose and panties under my jeans just to feel the sexy smooth silkish feel. Once in awhile I would wear a slip as well. I continued to dress all through my teens and into my 40's. I purged Once and deeply regret it. I threw away all stuff, some was very expensive, some was just my favorite(Victoria Secrets) and some was from my 1st shopping adventures.
Now a days I am addicted to shopping, i am constantly buying more which I store at home and at Tiffany's club (a cd/tg/tv club in Waltham MA). At Holidays time I go nuts buying, I love shopping at Kohls the best! There I grab a carry shopping bag, pick out what womans clothes I want then go get some guy jeans and take it all into the dressing room. I try on everything and put what i dont want on the "Return to Rack" area inside the dressing room . I also always ask for a gift reciept so they dont think its for, a little shy I guess. I use the holidays for differnt things, valentines is for jewrly and lingerine, Mothers day for outfits, halloween for make up and xmas for everything.
Being a member of Tiffanys is a great way to dress whenever I want. i have a key so I can go when I want and hang out. I do also dress with others at there homes, motels/hotels, and at events put on by "GLamour Boutique"&Tiffanys and local clubs like RCC(Randolph Country Club-Gay bar)I like to meet as many others for quality dressing time.

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1 Response Nov 25, 2012

No reason to be shy, Erica, for sales people including those gals at VS a sale is a sale. Believe me, with very few exceptions, if you are honest and they know what you are buying is for you they will help. At least that has been my experience and I have a few sales gals who will call or send me a card telling me about sales coming up and they have even set things aside for me in my size that they thought I might like.