I'm Daddy's Little Girl

when i was a little younger and was quite close to my daddy I used to get dressed up for him. Now apparantly all he wanted was a daughter of his own so I did everything i could to give him that wish.

What was even more fun for me was getting my daddy to do what every daddy should do to his pretty little sissygirl and that was to have him dress me up and undress me.

another thing I used to do was when we stayed up late watching scary movies i was always in my cutest pink nightie with fairy print all over it. when we did this together i was always snuggled up with my head resting in my daddy's lap and when we did this i was too scared to sleep in my bed so daddy used to carry me to his room and i would sleep in his bed with him.

unfortunately dad has grown weary of thi and we no longer have a daddy daughter love relationship.

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I also had an intimate relationship with my father.<br />
I was around 8 and we would always bathe and sleep together my parents had a non exsistent sexual relationship so I ended up beiing his release.<br />
He would bathe me and work my little hole and get my **** nice and hard of course I didnt understand what was going on at that age all I knew is it felt good both ways and so I let it continue.<br />
Around the time I was 12-14 he started slipping me sleeping pills into my drink during dinner so I had no idea what was happening until one night I woke up to him mastubating me to ****** it was the best ****** I hsd ever had and I loved it.He continued to ********** me at night and ***** down completely adding my nipples to his play he would suckle me at night while he played with me for hours it really was a good time as strange as that may seem.

i have a news story up about the first time me and my daddy ever did anything with each other. it is called "mmm...daddy" only if you would like to read what me and daddy got up to. <br />
also i will posting a story up about what me and my mummy did with each other very shortly...

Oh JoanSoloman i would love to be your sissy daughter and keep you warm. I would really love to cuddle up in between your legs and feel you grow hard and I would really like for you to put your hands up inside my cute little nightie and touch me and play with me like my daddy. Then I would like to put your hard thing inside my mouth and get it nice and wet before you place it inside your sissy daughter's ***. <br />
<br />
I will be posting individual stories to jayEDjay about my encounters with both my mummy and my daddy in different groups. Keep your eyes open. No I didn't get to watch mummy and daddy doing each other. Although mummy and daddy did get to see the other having their own way with me.

I would love to hear how your dad ****** you at night.Plus did your mom and **** while you watched? Man thats great,i would loved to see you guys get down!!!!!

I can't decide which sounds better - your relation with your Mummy or your daddy. Right now I'd say your relation with your Daddy sounds better. <br />
<br />
I'd love to cuddle with you and be your Daddy just now. It would be so sweet having a little sissy daughter like you keeping me warm at night.

yeah i know JoanSoloman, i did have a particularly intimate relationship with both my mummy and my daddy. yes i still call them mummy and daddy, they like it. i am still their little girl. <br />
<br />
mummy did like to do things to me and i liked it when i got to sleep in her bed because she liked to sleep naked. my mummy liked to make me put my head up her dress, skirt or nightie and smell her crotch. mummy also liked to put her ***** up my *** which i especially liked. we did have "mummy daughter" sex at least three times as well. she also milked me once a week. <br />
<br />
the answer to your 3some question is yes also. this happened once a month and it generally started by me doing something naughty and being spanked by both mummy and daddy and then having to "make it up" to them...<br />
<br />
i was such a good little girl for mummy and daddy...

Wild, you had an especially intimate relationship with both your dad and mom. <br />
<br />
Did you and your mom ever do anything else? Did your and your parents ever do a 3 some?

no not yet sweetGigi. I have been trying me hardest to impress prospective daddy's though. I think they are not ready to have a special little sissy girl like me.<br />
<br />
Yes there was a little more to the story than this. My daddy and me did more than just snuggle up and watch scary movies together. It happened when we went up to his room to "sleep". <br />
<br />
This did keep going till I was 16 though. We had some pretty "fun" times.

What kink of panites did he make you wear.

I would like to be your Daddy