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************ In Lingerie

If you look past the fact that we do enjoy the feminine side of crossdressing in lingerie and just look at the fisical stimulation we get when rubbing ourself in silky, soft, slippery lingerie. Why do so many people find this so strange? Pleasuring ourselves and ************ is a normal part of life for men and women.
Nobody thinks anything about a woman buying a vibrator or ***** it's no big deal. There are entire cataloges dedicated to womens play toys.
There is not a very wide selection of play toys for men to stimulate themselves with.
I went to a sex shop one day to buy myself a male play toy. I was looking for a vibrating vagina. They had several to choose from. Not knowing which would be best I spent alot of time looking at each one. I was then approched by a woman who worked there and she asked me if I needed help. I said yes! I asked her about the different features of each one and she took them out of the box and showed me what each one did. I told her it would be more helpfull if she knew how each one felt. She laughed and said sorry can't help there.
I was getting so excited talking to a strange woman about ************ toys. I felt very comfortable talking to her about ************. I was loving this experience.
Since she wasn't an expert on the toys and they were quite expensive and I was feeling very aroused I decided to unbutton the top two buttons on my shirt expossing my lacy slip. I then thanked her for her help and told her I think I'm going to stick with what I know I like best and told her I was going to pick out some lingerie instead.
I picked out a lacy white satin gown and proudly purchased it.
She told me to have a nice day. I told her I was going to have a great day as soon as I can get home to put on and feel the silky satin on my body.
My point here is, There's nothing unusual about a man being sexually stimulated by the feel of silky lingerie. and there is nothing adnormal about a man ************. So therefore there is nothing wrong with a man who likes to ********** in lingerie.
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When my husband is dressed as me it is my favorite thing to make him ********* in his lingerie. I feed his emotional high with verbal demands and explanations of what he is feeling as me, Plus I work his **** extra hard and slow intensifying the experience. When he can hold it no more I continue past the his climax milking every drop of his *** into his lingerie. I then withdraw my hands and pat and rub his clothes into his messy groin demanding he stay in them. Sometimes I feel mean and make him assist me in cleaning my hands.

you are enchanting

You sound like a very fun girl to be with. I would love to have someone like you to assist me in ******* in my silky lingerie. I will help you clean up!

for us there is nothing strange, but for people who are considered normal is something that they do not understand.

I love the feel of pantyhose on mine would like to learn more about your likes

I also love to ********** while wearing panties, stockings and suspenders. When I put on my lingerie I always get a stiffy and have to **********

I totally agree. The feeling of thin and soft clothes is fantastic. My favourite is a long thin and white summer skirt. When I walk around and feel it swirling around my legs..., I never wear anything under and when the fabric is squeezed between my buttocks, fantastic! As I love the curves of women I try to simulate that combining the skift with a long tight top that goes does to just below my ***. For me I think the softness of the clothes is the thing. I envy women able to dress like this all the time. Im very secretive with this fetish and do not dare to Tell my wife... Long dresses work to, but must be thin and clingy. I. Get aroused just writing this. As I love wetlook I very much enjoy wearing these thin clothes in the shower, bath, or best, swimming in a lake.

The stimulating feeling I get wearing silky lingerie, a lovely lacy bra, soft silky nylons pulled up tightly with my garterbelt, slipping on a pair of Girls Silky full cut Panties, adding a lovely silky slip or nightie..or both..with a pair of heels. Prancing about enjoying the silky softness as a gown slips over your bra, panties and nylons..the way everything flows,,,so sheer,,so soft,,so silky. To just stand silently, closing your eyes, and letting the feelings of all that lingerie sink are a woman. To just allow your hand to brush softly across your gown and panties, to feel your breasts...oh to just stroke your clitty through the silky la<x>yers...oh to just do it some more...the softness...the silkeness is overwhelming and so sensual..the way your nightie and slip slid over your silky panties...that lovely feeling as you caress yourself...I can't STOP...oh it Feels So SO GOOD.

Exactly I am also having the same feeling. I love women's used lingerie, sarees and other feminine dresses. After wearing them the ultimate thing finally ************ in those cloths. After ************ I remove the women's lingerie/saree/dress and wear my dress.

What I liked about this story is talking to a woman about ************ toys. I can imagine you thrill as I love talking to women in dress shops about dresses and how nice they are to wear