My Cross Dressing Pleasures And Destres

I am a bisexual person now entering my twilight years who has discovered the pleasures of cross dressing late in life - and I love it! I am now divorced but during my marriage, obviously, I often saw my ex wife in exquisitie lingerie and found that it excited me especially when I touched the exquisitely soft material on her body. When I was divorced, my ex obviously moved away but as I later discovered had overlooked taking all her lingerie. When I came across it, I had the urge to ***** naked and try it on. I am glad I did so. It felt so good against my skin and sexually aroused me. I rapidly disposed of my uncomfortable boxer shorts and started to wear panties/french knickers on a daily basis and under my day clothes. It felt exquisite and I eventually "graduated" to adding nylon stockings and suspenders to my daily wear. It is such a good feeling knowing what is under my clothes and that other people are unaware. At home I find it stimulates my libido and I now ********** almost every day. In the evenings I also add a full length nylon or silk slip, a pair of low heels and a skirt and relax. When I go to bed I wear a nightie or even a slip and often fantasise about having a male or female friend who enjoys the same pleasures with whom I can share mutual exploration of our silken/nylon clad bodies, kiss, cuddle, fondle, caress and enjoy mutual ************ or full sex. How I wish I had discovered the pleasures of cross dressing years ago -and had such a friend.
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We both share exactly the same pleasures, hopes and dreams. I wiah you were beside me x

it is a fantastic feeling and would love to share this fantastic feeling with someone who feel the same would be very nice to get to know you

Yes it is wonderful the silky sensation, I discovered the joys when I was age 10.

So glad to meet you and read your story. I have enjoyed wearing female clothes since I was quite young. I had an older sister and when stuff was in short supply it was only logical that I had her pass downs only underwear and pyjamas.
I have continued to enjoy wearing lingerie of all soerts, but as my wife does not really approve I have to be a bit carefull

You may have come to cross dressing late in life but I think you will find it no less rewarding. There is tremendous satisfaction to be had when dressed en femme. Enjoy,

Great that she left behind a lot of lingerie, I have been wearing silky french knickers for years now, I also like wearing directoire knickers, stockings, camisoles and nighties.

I agree directoire knickers are great to wear, Mylesta acetate is nice feeling against the thighs and buttocks, the elasticated legs are sensous.

I wish we were neighbours so we could dress together. I have yet to meet anyone else who loves wearing directoires

I have come across a good number of Directoire Knicker wearers on EP, They are the best knickers ever invented.

Nor me-seems DK wearers are few and far between. They really don't know what they are missing! Would have been lovely if we were neighbours or at least in visiting distance. Be like a dream come true

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