Sissy Gets Raped In Toilets

My wife and daughter are away today with their horse to a jumping event and wont be back till late so i arranged with another sissy to meet at a local public toilet frequented by gay men. I dressed in my schoolgirl uniform stockings suspenders ,bra ,white blouse ,school tie , grey button front pinafore and a grey school cardigan and covered myself in male clothes with my false **** to be fitted later and went in the car to the car park beside the toilets the sissy said he would be driving a white ford focus i waited excited wanking my winkie but the sissy never arrived i watched as men entered and left it was obvious they were up to something as they were in the toilets for 20 minutes or more I decided I am here now and very horny ill go in and see what happens 3 men were at the urinals standing very close to each other i quickly went into a cubicle that had peek holes drilled in the door and a large hole going through to the next cubicle i ******** off my male clothes and put my **** in and sat on the toilet bowl and wanked myself i could see someone looking through the hole in the door so i put on a show then a man got in the next cubicle I could see he was wanking his **** he put it into the large hole for me to see it was huge over 7 inches thick with a long foreskin I was scared to touch it at first he pulled it back I decided I was here for sex so I put my finger through signalling him to push it through he did and I started wanking it the **** was soon dripping pre *** I knew it was soon going to ***** as I had to sit close to **** it the **** spurted all over me my cardigan was covered with some landing on my winkie this made me nearly *** he withdrew his **** and beckoned me to push my 4 inch winkie in the hole for what I thought he would **** me i pushed my winkie in and the man pulled it tight holding me hard against the wall i knew i was in for trouble thinking he is going to cut it off or something I couldn’t move then the door was pushed open and another man got behind me and lifted my pinafore pulled my panties to the side he spat on his hand and used it to lube my hole I never said a word only saying please sir use a condom as I could tell any resistance would end in something severe happening to my winkie on the other side luckily he did put on a condom before entering my hole it was agony as he pushed in an inch at a thrust it was half way in when he put his hand over my mouth pulled his **** out then with a hard thrust got his **** ball deep it was so painful as he pumped me the grip on my winkie was released and I could feel it was in a mans mouth this felt good and relieved the pain of the **** pumping my hole I started to *** into the mouth sucking me the man riding me pulled me from my position and forced me onto my knees and bend over the disgusting **** and ***** covered toilet this made it easier for the man to rape me i counted 10 hard thrusts as he came inside me he stood up and I got of my knees and sat on the toilet pulled off his full condom and emptied the ***** on me and left, it was a bit frightening but il be wanking for a long time thinking about it.
rachelusissy rachelusissy
31-35, M
4 Responses Jul 7, 2012

I just love this story

naughty but quite arousing. pity he was so forceful. a little lube would have made it so more pleasurable.

this may be wrong...but I am soo turned on by that story!!! I want to go dressed to a guys bathroom, love to be taken like that...only with no condom...

Sometimes I wish I had the guts to go do something like that.

Me too :/