Crossdressing Arouses Me More Than Anything Else

as soon as i have the urge to transform into a sexy woman, i get overwhelmed by how aroused and how sexy it makes me feel, just the thought of dressing up gets me all tingly , sexy and hot and horny. I went through a stage were i couldn't tuck my **** in , because it was so hard, After a good bit of mind over matter iam able to suppress my erections when transforming. Its hard work keeping it down and tucked away out of site , especially when i feel like *********** just choosing what clothes, wig , make up and heels to ware. I set everything out ready to put on (just looking at it makes me nearly ***) I have to control myself now so i dont get hard . The first thing i do is tuck it in tape it up put my thong on then get dressed , for some unknown reason i have to put my 6inch heels on before i do my make up and apply my hair. just putting high heels on gives me shudders stilleto ankle boot knee high boot or thigh high boots .It takes all of my concentration to apply my make up and lashes, Iam so turned on now I can just about put my hair piece on, its shoulder length and blonde. I stare at my sexyself in the mirror ,and i get shudders of pleasure throbbing through my sexy woman like body. I feel the same sexual emotions everytime i transform and i love it
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After you are all dolled up, do you have an overwelming desire to please a man sexually. I know I do.

hun when iam dolled up , It makes me feel so sexy and horny all i can think of is pleasing men , and the man/men I seduce and spend the night with always leave happy. The best nights ive had are the times ive gone out dressed up and hit it off with straight guys got them back to mine , kissed cuddled , sucked them then when they realised i am a cd and there having a good time I let them **** me a little then throw them flat on there back slide my ***** arse down there shaft cench my *** as tight as i can and ride them till they cant *** anymore then slide off and suck them till there wrigling around the bed in ecstasy . Then lie there ***** arse throbbing thinking dam your one hot sexy *****

Wow! I'd love to run into you at the club

If you run into me in a club what would you do to me ?

Depends. If I was dressed as a man I would ravage you in every way possible. If I was dressed as a woman, well, I've never been with another cd while dressed so that would be a new experience for me. However I am sure we would start out doing alot of kissing and end up 69ing until the dawn.

Yes definitely, dressing up gives me so much pleasure I could do without sex, but the thought of sucking **** and sliding my ***** arse down a fat hard **** and bouncing up and down makes me feel so sexy, and when iam dressed up and I get a man back pleasing him is the ultimate feeling

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I know what you are talking about! When I was younger I needed to empty myself before I dressed. Now much older I can tuck before I dress, I do not use tape as my wife might ask questions! Feeling sexy and tucked is a strange feeling bit I like it!! Thanks for telling us about you!