My Love For Lingerie

I find dressing in ladies lingerie very exciting and it always leads to a ************ session for me. I first put on a corset and lace it as tightly as I can manage on my own. Next I roll sheer silk stockings up my legs and attach them to the corset. The next item of clothing is my very favourite, one of my vintage nylon nighties with a matching robe. If possible I like to wear nighties too small for me so my body pushes against the nylon causing a wonderful sensation next to my skin. The corset adds to the feeling of constriction and hence my excitement. I prefer a long nightie so I can feel the nylon rubbing against my stockinged legs. Similarly I like a robe with long arms so I aware of the sensation of it against my arms. The feeling of my hard penis rubbing against cool inner nylon while the outer chiffon layer slips and slides over it gives me indescribable pleasure. I kneel on my bed and rub myself against a pillow and it doesn't take long before I am about to come. On some occasions I will wear a pair of silky knickers and ********* into them. Usually though I get more satisfaction if I don't wear knickers but at the crucial moment pull up my nightie and put a handkerchief over my throbbing ****. Grabbing it at the root I squeeze it while my seed spurts into the handkerchief. Can anyone suggest any variations to this routine that would heighten my pleasure?
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

Sounds like you've found an excellent way to pleasure yourself. I know I find the feeling of chiffon over nylon one of the best there is. Mindblowing as well as cockblowing.
The only thing I would do different would be to leave off the corset, so I could feel the layers of nightie against more of my skin.
You might like to try keeping your silky knickers on, but pop your **** out the knicker leg. So you have a silky layer between the back of your **** and belly, works for me.