Dressed And Nobody To Do Me.

My wife is out of town the weekend, last night i just watched tv, but tonight I got all dressed up in red, heels, mask, chest, stocking, beautiful Bra and panties, with this beautiful top, it hugs my **** wonderfully, I set the ***** up and i layed back, felling my self up and i very slowly slid the 9 inch **** in me, it felt so wonderful, i slowly started sliding it in and out of myself, its deep...i could hurt my self, but i was going to ***, and *** hard, I spread my legs wide, in and out..in and out. i could fell the explosion cuming, i had my hands on my **** ...on the nipples...pinching them...it felt so good, the hot **** deep in my body. I started going deeper and deeper, it was all the way in all 9 inches, then i put my hand on my ***, feeling the silk on my ***, it felt soft, and then i reached down and felt the **** as it was plowing it to me, it was great, i started to feel the climax cuming, it was deep, and this time i was going to keet the **** in me when i came, but was taking time, i keep pumping it.... i was in that place that was to much, it felt so ******* good to have it deep in me, i pulled out, and rested it was almost too much, but i had not *** yet, pretty close but not yet. I got up still fully dressed and wanted to do something sexy. I stood in the front window with the lights out and took a look drink. feeling my ****, cars coming around the corner could see me but just for a second when their head lights i looked like a beautiful woman, in stocking and heels, it felt good. somebody wisled, then i came over to the computer and set down and wrote this, I am going to go back in there and ride that **** untill i cant anymore. love Kiny....
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2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

ooh my

Baby- Go & ride all you want. Its so Hot & Sexy.