Me And My Twin Sister Crossdressing At School

It was a week after Thanksgiving break and me and my twin sister came up with an amazing plan the day before. We were in the 6th grade and we decided to go to school dressed as the other. The best part our mom and dad were prefectly okay with it. So I wore my sister's black panties and matching bra, a black short skirt, black stockings, white hello kitty t shirt, and her black all stars. She wore a pair of my boxers, a pair of my jeans, my spiderman t shirt, and my sneakers. We had it all planed, we even made a way for my sister to pee standing up and I had to put a bandage over my penis to it wouldn't be hanging out there, but left the tip out so I could pee. Also we went out and had my sister's haircut to look just like mine, but our mom took a picture before she had it cut so she could use her hair extensions to make my hair look like her's. We got up 2 hours early so our mom can get us to look just like the other. It worked perfectly and we got on the bus and started our plan. When we got to school we went to go meet up with "our" friends and my sisters friends were nicer that I orignally thought. All of her friends thought I was my sister because before puberty we sounded pretty much the same. First on my sister's schedule was english and man that was agony. I was just thankful the teacher didn't call on me because I had no idea what she was talking about. The next class me and my sister had together and it was the most dreaded class of the day. The one class that could give away our cover and any moment, gym class. Which was a bonus for me at the beginning. The good news was I got to go in the girls locker room and the bad news was I had to go in the girls locker room. But gym went by without a problem. The rest of the day went by really smoothly, up til I had to use the restroom. The reason I say that the worst problem of the day was going to the bathroom is because when I was using it the bandage that was holding my penis back fell of and landed in the toilet. I think it was from all the sweat from gym. And for the last 30 min of the day I was walking really awkwardly to hold it between my legs, you know how it goes. So at the end of the day we got on the bus and went home. When we got home my sister said that in gym one of my friends pulled her pants down it the locker room and almost had everyone in there know that she was really my sister, but thankfully that didn't happen and all's well that ends well. Oh and the really funny thing was that my sister had to wear those extensions until her hair grew back. I laughed everytime i saw my mom put those in her hair.
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Good thing your sister did not have her ears pierced.

Mind telling us the Thanksgiving and gym class stories?I'm interested right now.