Boy I Love Being A Girl

when i was sixteen i had a close freind named cliff and he used to come over my house after school because his parents did not come home till he was 17 but he liked coming over because he said he did not like being alone.i always thought he just liked spending time with me or thought i was hot i knew i thought he was.i have been dressing in girls clothes for years and had quite a wardrobe and if i do say so myself i looked pretty when all dressed.i would always end my dressing episodes by pretending cliff was making love to me and just the thought of his hard **** sliding in and out of me would make me ***.well one friday when i got home from school i found a note from my parents saying they would not be back till sunday they had to go to an uncle that got sick they also said there was food and also left phone numbers and money.i thought great a whole weekend as PATRICIA.the first thing i didwas take a warm perfumed bubble bath and shaved what little hair off my whole body.after drying myself off i used a cream and perfumed talc all over.with my hair in atowell i started applying my make-up first a light fondation and some cover power i did not have to use much as my complextion was in good shape next came eye shadow mascara and eyeliner then i did my eyebrows a little blush then a red lipstick.while looking at my self i decided what was missing was nail polish so i did my fingernails and toenails.then to my closet and dresser to decide what to wear i picked a red lace bra with matching painties a pair of black thigh high stocking that glided like silk up my freshly shaven legs then a full red slip.then i chose a ruffled red blouse with blue strech skirt then my redheels with red ruby earrings and necklece.i then styled my rather long hair into the most feminine style possiable a dab of perfume and i was set.i really looked pretty and as i was admiring my self in the mirror the phone rang and it was cliff he said his parents were gone for the weekend and said why dont you come over and hang out.i told him my parents were gone too i saw myself in the mirror and said why dont you come over here and ill make soome dinner and give you a suprize i hope you will like he said what suprize and i said one that i hope will bring us closer together he then said sure and before i hung up the phone i said i love you.afew minutes later the doorbell rang when i answered the door i thought this is going to make or break our freindship.well he looked at me and all he could say was wow i figured you would make a good looking girl but not this good.i then said you thought about how i would look as a girl and he said all the time i always wanted you with that he gave me a deep passionate kiss which caused me to melt in his arms.well we went in the kitchen so i could make dinner simple just speghitti and sause(jar)while the water was boiling cliff was behind me kissing me and caressing me all over and i dont know what came over me but iturned around dropped to my kness unzipped his pants and was faced with a semi hard **** which itook into my mouth as i was sucking him off i thought of how nice his **** tasted in my mouth i felt it growing and was really getting into it he was moaning and i felt this is what a woman feels like and i love it.when he came i drank every bit of his *** that i could.then we had dinner.after we kissed and cuddled some more and then went into the bed room and he asked what do you want i said i want to feel your hard **** inside me i want to become your woman.when we got to the bedroom i slipped into anightgown and put some ky on and in my *** hoping for the best.when i got back to bed he was naked he puledd me towards him kissed me and got on top of me i reached down and grabed his **** and after afew strokes he was like a rock as i rolled over and spread my legs i felt the head of his **** start to enter me it really hurt but as he kept pushing stedy and gentle i got used to it and then really really started to enjoy it as he was ******* me i was screaming oh god make me you woman and i kept telling him how good his **** felt inside me when he came he sent me to a place i have never been before.needless to say the suprize i sprung on him brought us closer then ever
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2 Responses Jul 5, 2010

wow ....what a romantic story, it has passion and unfulfilled desire and then intense *******, i quite enjoyed it

Great story...wish I would have let my friend make me his woman!!!