My Favorite Outfit

As far back as I can remember, playing "dress up" has always been exciting and relaxing to me, but the best night was when I finally bought exactly the outfit I always wanted. Each piece was purchased at a different time, and I knew what the final look was going to be, so I never wore anything until I had it all. I remember that at times it was difficult to wait, and I would get so excited just looking at what I had.

I bought 3 inch stiletto heel ankle boots, black with the zipper on the sides, nude color nylons, a stretch denim mini skirt, 18 inches in length (and tight as all hell), a white chiffon blouse that was a bit see through, black lace demi bra and black lace boyshorts.

It was the best night ever for me, dressing up like that and feeling the soft material all over my body. The only thing that could have made this better is if I would have had a understanding girlfriend...
Fezwick Fezwick
31-35, M
3 Responses Dec 15, 2006

nice but my fav is my 4" heels and a 10" mini skirt which is one I have just uploaded

I prefer the vintage skirts that are very full (Circle skirts).

lucky!! my fave outfits (apart from the french maid) would be bridal or bridesmaid. or anything long and satiny