I started pretty young I think I was about 8... It was a force I couldn't control and it drew me in. It started with pantyhose and that led to skirts, dresses, slips etc. When puberty struck it brought on a whole new mix of emotions and feelings and that is also when the guilt set in.

When I was 18 I went into the military as a way to man up and force this out of me. Needless to say it didn't work. Sure I mostly stopped due to lack of opportunity but once I was out I found my way into skirts, dresses and pantyhose again and again.

I tried to express my dressing needs to my 1st wife... but that didn't go well. She was ok with me wearing pantyhose for a while but wound up leaving me because of them. I didn't realize it at the time but she slowly manipulated me in pretty subtle ways. I couldn't give up the pantyhose though and she put her foot down and that was her fist step out the door and she kept on going. Good riddance... i'm better off.

When I met me 2nd wife we were friends. Later when things got relationship-like I told her about the pantyhose. I thought I'd stuffed all the rest away but the acceptance and love I shared with my GF at the time brought the dressing needs/desires flooding back. Before we were engaged I shared... it all. She was quiet at first but agreed to try it. She went out and bought me some lacy panties. Mind you she was already digging me in pantyhose so this wasn't a huge leap for her.

Panties went well, and so did the first skirt and top. Later we added lingerie and thigh highs. Heels weren't far behind and we have fun with it. She gets veto power but really it just helps me get things that I look good in We enjoy our time together and its not uncommon for her to be dressing in sweats after work as I'm getting into a dress or skirt and heels for the evening.

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You have found a wonderful life partner and friend. I enjoy reading about your journey. Well, re- reading this time, thanks to Bethann's nice post below.
I really enjoy seeing one of my friends interacting with another, as here.

That's so great you are able to share this side of yourself with your supportive wife. I can relate to what you said about trying to force it out of you at one point. Like you said, that doesn't work. There is something deep inside that does not go away. In me it has continued to grow stronger over the years. Your story is an inspiration.

Thank you, that's very sweet of you to say.

Its great you can both share the experience and enrich your relationship.

a beautiful story

You have a great wife and a wonderful relationship, which you so richly deserve!

It is a good feeling to be accepted and not judged isn't it.

Yes it is. It makes you feel like a whole person... and not a thing to be shunned for being different.

Do you mix guy clothes and female clothes? I find that the mixing of them soothes the need to express both sides of my persona. Since toy seem to like coat, shirts, and ties I thought maybe you would enjoy adding a skirt and heels to it.