When you crossdress does your sexual needs change, if so why?
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For me it varies depending on my mood. When I am frustrated with life or just stressed out about something I like to get fully dressed and just escape from that part of my life. I find at these times if step into a different mindset I am more easily able to let go of the concerns of my day-to-day life.
On the other hand I also enjoy the sexual aspect of dressing up. When in guy mode sex (either by myself or otherwise) is much quicker and more abrupt. In gurl mode sex is more sensual, emotional, and drawn out.

This is an interesting question.
I may be unrepresentative here, but I can't say that they do very much. My needs and desires regarding sex remain the same when naked as much as they do clothed and there's no real difference in what gender's clothing I happen to be wearing.
I know that the act of cross-dressing can make accessing my own sexual desires easier, perhaps bringing them to the surface, but I remain boringly hetero- cross-dressed or no. Given my proclivities extend mainly to BDSM and powerplay it is perhaps unsurprising that the act of cross-dressing doesn't change them much.
Does that answer your question?

Thank you for the reply :) i like hearing peoples different points of view as that's how we all learn about each other :)

Me too, I want to be ****** like a girl and get my boy *** ***** filled with a nice plug, a vibrating ***** or a real ****!

Oh yes!!! Heard to resist the powerful desire to *** whenever I dress in gurl mode!

Why? As im curious..

My feelings of gurlishness lead to powerful arousal, and the desire to satisfy that arousal: I get tremendously horny! So..... I satisfy that desire......while I'm alone......dressed as a gurl!

.... why dressed as a girl though specifically?

Autogynephilia? I agree each to their own

Absolutely! I am a
What I am!

I am the very same. Why is that?

Not sure, but I just enjoy the pleasure. I'm sure it has a lot to do with dressing up during puberty. A lot of sexual feelings attached to lingerie and the 'forbidden' world of girls and women.

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