Caught At School

The first time I got caught crossdressing I was in fourth grade I was changing into my gym clothes and I forgot I was wearing panties and a dress that day under my jeans and shirt. When I was either crossdressing or wearing diapers on a gym day I always changed in the stall but that day I forgot and I changed out in front of all my friends. There I was standing in a dress and panties thankfuly only one person saw before I ran into the stall and I don't even think he knew for sure what he saw. The next time I got caught is a lot worse. This time I accidentally reached into my girls clothes drawer and grabed out a skirt and frilly socks and went to school in just them. The only other time I got caught that I can think of I was able to get away with it because I actually went to school with a choker, a ring, a lacy velvet dress and mary janes. The reason I got away with it is because it was oppisite day and I said I just wanted to go all out. For the stories about getting caught outside of school check back later.
richardthomas richardthomas
2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Give me a break! Your story is a complete farse!

Crazy man, crazy. Back when yur in elementary school nobody really judged too harshly, now people judge extremely harsh. Hope u arent in canada's capital, worst place ever to have this hobby revealed..