First Time Caught By Family

I know I already wrote a story about my first time getting caught. The thing is that was for getting caught at school. This is the story of getting caught by family, fyi I was in a different town in this one do that is why I didn't count the getting caught at school in the first story. The first time I was caught crossdressing by my family I had on a pair of white panties with three rows of pink lace on the back, a size 4-5t girls pull-up unser those,a pair of my big sisters pink tights, a pair of black maryjanes, and a purple lacy velvet dress. I had snuck out at night in those clothes. As I walked around town I ended up walking into walmart, over to the girls section and ended up trying on all the types of dresses. By the time I was done it was like 8 am so I just walked home and snuck in my window and there was my mom and stepdad. As punishment for sneaking out in girls clothes I was made to not wear anything but girls clothes everyday until the begining of the next school year. Everybody in town ended up knowing I wore girls clothes so I just started wearing girls clothes everywhere.
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2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

ji! i think that was great! i'd love to have to have worn girls clothing and lingerie when i was growing up

I cannot say that I understand where you are coming from as I do not have a similar experience but I am saddened that your family tried to humiliate you like that instead of trying to understand you.