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My son is now just 13, he has ADHD and has the mental growth of a 9-10 year old, I am pretty sure he is starting his change to young manhood, He has always taken my clothes, i think he was 3 when i noticed, but as all kids want to dress up....well here we are 10 years later and he is still taking my clothes. I have not punished him for it, but he knows that it is a respect thing, when I have stressed to him, that these are MINE. I get upset when he has worn my panties I wore on my wedding night more than I have. And a dress I have worn once, he always has it in his room. That ****** me off. I have told him and stressed to him that I am his mom and he can talk to me about anything, well.... He wants me to buy him some girls clothes, I did not say "NO" and I did not tell him he was wrong for this. I tried to explain to him the difference between boys and girls, and the different parts, and a little bit about SEX, OMG mom talking to her son about sex, lol He says he would not like to kiss a boy, but maybe a girl..He says he is attracted to girls, so I am going to believe he is not gay, but how as a mom do I figure out if it is just hormones? and he likes the way it looks? or he likes the way it feels? how as a mom can I support him? His dad will not understand, and his brother who is younger will surely be confused, if I buy him girls clothes. He and his brother share a bedroom, I was thinking maybe he can in his own room, by himself for now, but what if his friends come over and find girls clothes in his room? I dont know... someone with any advise.... for a suppotive mom, but just dont know HOW...

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As a young 14 year old cross dresser, I understand what he is going through. I started cross dressing in my sisters dresses just out of curiosity when I was 11, and there really is not a better feeling. It doesn't mean he is gay at all. If its a natural feeling for him then you should let him dress the way feels right. Buy him girls dresses and maybe even a few bras and panties and it'll be natural to him. If its just a fetish as i am then move him into his own room and let him dress as he pleases alone. His father does not have to know because most likely he would not understand as much as you would. Just sit your soon down and tell him it can just be a "Mommy-son" secret between you and him if he doesn't want anyone to know. If he does want to do it publicly, but doesn't want people to known its him then just start off taking him to places where you most likely won't see anyone he/you would know and take him to do things just as girls would do it. Like maybe take him to the spa and get his nails done or maybe even get a facial. I know he would just love that and would be very greatful for a mother like you. As he progresses he's going to either grow out of it, keep it as a fetish, or want to progress it to a all around lifestyle. If he wants it to be stay a secret fetish then just continue to buy him cute dresses and let him wear girl bathing suit and underwear, maybe even buy him a few slips or just some underwear a little more feminine and he could just wear them under his clothing at school or something. He will appreciate your support. As he gets older and continues to cross dress, his younger brother will soon start to find out about this habit of his older brother. Explain to him when he gets to the age of round 10 that this is just the way your other son is and that he will have yo adapt to it.maybe even offer his brothers old girl clothes just so he can understand what his brother is doing.if your son starts to want to dress as a girl permanently, support him in this chose of his because this is the way he can feel comfortable. Put him on estrogen pills/shots and let him shave his body if he wants to look like a girl. The next thing you should do is try switching him to a new school to where he can meet new people without it being a BIG change for the students so they can learn and grow to his life style. Call him by a different name to make him seem more like himself, a girl. There is nothing wrong with him if he wants to be known as a girl because that was something that began inside the womb and that is who he truly is on the inside, and let him express who he is. I hope everything works out for you and your son, he sounds like a great kid and keep me posted on what he chooses to do. Hugs and Kisses xoxxoxoxoxoxo

Even though I am late to this party, I have to agree with Jennifer. I suspect your son is a transvestite or if you prefer the tern, crossdresser. Don't panic. This is pretty common, and really, it's OK. But you and your son should have a very open and honest discussion about this. You've wondered if this is a passing thing...well...only your son knows for sure. But consider this, since he has been doing this for a long time, and has already talked to you about having girl's clothing of his own, then he most likely is a transvestite. Again - don't panic. It's OK.<br />
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Learn what you can about transvestites. The mother who understands the mind of a young transvestite, and acts accordingly, can help ensure her son has a normal, healthy life.<br />
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There are very few hard and fast rules when it comes to transvestism. But there is one rule that I know of which has stood the test of time. No matter how hard we transvestites try to resist the temptation to wear women's clothing, we ultimately cave in and wear them anyway. We are compelled. And, if the transvestite is not provided some sort of outlet in which he can wear women's clothing, he will find one himself. <br />
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So, if he doesn't have his own female clothing to wear, he will use your clothes, or some other woman's clothes. This is the unfortunate reality. But the great news is - you aren't trying to stop him from dressing up. <br />
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Try to have an honest conversation with him to determine how far he wants to take the crossdressing. That is to say, find out if he only wants to dress paritally, or if he wants to dress completely. Most transvestites will telll you that they would like to go all the way and wear the clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup...the works. It's important for hiim to be honest with you in this regard, but it may be very hard for him to tell you this. Remind him that it's ok with you that he wants to dress up and like a woman - with all of the clothing, shoes, hair, makeup - the works. But he also needs to be respectful and understand that taking your things or some other woman's clothing to wear, without permission is stealing, an egregious violation of your privacy. <br />
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Getting him some clothes to start off with is good, and you can build from there if necessary.<br />
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Your role, as a mother is important here, as your son needs acceptance from a trusting female. However, If you don't want to see him crossdressed, then establish some boundaries with him. If you want to help out, i.e. teach him how to put on makeup, etc., you can have a very special relationship with him.<br />
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You are on the right track, and I think you will both be fine.

Buy him a couple of dresses and a couple of skirts and blouses. Get him his own panties, It is unsanitary to share panties with anyone. If he is a crossdresser he will accept them.<br />
If he accepts them, then take him out to mcdonalds or somewhere, don't let him c/d in the house.<br />
Tell him everyone has to see how pretty he is. Take him to the neighborhood park.

Buy him some lingerie and dresses for himself!

Crossdressing is more comman than you may realize. The worst thing that you could do, is to ignore it. He must be able to first understand what the changes will mean, and then decide for himself, if it is what he wants. For now, at least bye him a package of girls panties, so he will leave yours alone.