Not Proud Of It

I started dressing lyke a male when I was13. I even go as far as living my life as male for weeks at a time. I am so ashamed that I cannot choose wether I want to be a girl or a guy. Sometimes I will think I have a definate descion but I always revert back to my old ways. I even have some friends that only know me as a guy/girl and dont know that Im actually a woman. I wish that I could decide for myself and live my life as one sex.

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Always be proud of yourself. Judge yourself on your character, not your clothes. Be a good, giving, humane and loving person ... and don't worry about the rest. Because in the end, no one is going to love you unless you love yourself ... and ... your only obligation to the rest of the world is to give love back. Don't worry about your your gender or sex. Most people are actually confused about thoses things to one degree or another (only they are afriad to admit it). Be yourself, be happy, express yourself how ever you feel at the time. Be a girl, be a boy, be both, be neither ... just be yoursel and be happy!

hi i wnt to be ur friend

@DianeInNova actually yes I do. If you would message me we could carry this conversation there and find a way for you to receive them.

Ever have any girl clothing to spare...let me know!

That's actually quite interesting, never heard that before! Really! <br />
I think it's neat. and I don't see why you'd have to make that decision! <br />
<br />
Just be who you are, that's all you need to do right?<br />
Anyway, really cool. Makes me think.