My Summer Holidays With My Aunt.

It was summer holidays and I was going to my aunt's house to spend the holidays.My aunt is a beautiful young woman(unmarried) lived in a small city in Gujarat.I and my aunt left from my home in Tamil Nadu and we were first visiting my another aunt in Goa.From their we were planing to go by car.After staying two-three days in Goa I and my aunt were starting our journey to Goa.After three days driving,we reached aunt's house in Gujarat.She was working there and two of her friends (girls) were also living with her.So I was the only boy there.After the long tiring journey from Goa to Gujarat I went into bathroom to freshen up.After bathing,I wore a towel and came out searched for my bag where I kept my clothes.I couldn't find it anywhere.I called my aunt and we were searching everywhere but couldn't find it.Then my aunt rung up to my aunt in Goa to find out that I forgot to take my bag from Goa.My aunt looked at me and smiled.She said that as only they three girls live in that house,there's no male dress and she asked me whether I would like to become a 'betti' instead of 'betta' for some days.I didn't know what to say.She just smiled told me to wait their for sometime and she went to the nearby shop.After half hour she came back to my room with many things.She then called her friends into the room.They discussed something.Then my aunt said that I am going to live as her niece instead of nephew that is they going to transform me into a girl.I was stunned,but was happy deep inside as it was my secret desire to live as a girl for sometime.
My aunt gave me a new pair of silky panties and asked me to wear it.She then took away the towel that I was wearing and I was standing there only wearing panties.Then one of her friend shaved all my body hairs while the other friend fixed a long-hair wig on my head which looked so real.Then my aunt and her friends made me wear bra and stuffed some cotton in it.Then they wore me a frock,bangles,lipstick,earring(that can be worn without piercing),eye shadows,necklace etc.I looked at the mirror to see that I made a very beautiful teenage girl.Then I put on the heels they bought for me and we went out for shopping as four girls.We went to many lady stores and they bought new dresses for me including bras and panties.The new dress that were purchased were both fitting for me and my aunt so that she can wear it while I go back home.After some shopping I felt to pee and for the first time I was going into a public ladies toilet where I sat to pee.Everyone recognized me as girl.After that we went back home and I lived there as a girl for about one month.After one month I and my aunt were returning back to Goa and during the journey I was a girl.But after reaching aunt's house in Goa I changed into boy's dress because I was feeling ashamed to go in front of my boy cousins as a girl.Anyway it was the most wonderful experience ever in my life and I told my aunt I liked it.She smiled and said 'just wait till next summer my dear betti'.And I can't wait for that.I am so excited to become a girl again.
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Awesome i wish it could happen to me

what a great experience

So you're a boy in reality?

This is just a story

So it's only fiction? is

Wow thats crazy, cross dressing for a whole month whew I definitely cant manage that . Kudos buddy

Why ?? It was really great..being a complete girl for one month..

great story Betti

Ur lucky I wish that would of happened to me and then I would still be a woman in a mans body


What ??

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />
Sammi was fabulous alright.Now I usually have an urge to become a girl again.And luckily, this week, as my parents are out for some meeting, I am living with my grandparents and my sister's room is free as she is sleeping with grandparents.So during night time I sneak into my sis room and usually wears my mother's bra which has cups in it.It makes good boobs.Over that I wear my sis dress and her skirts and I sleep wearing that.It's wonderful.I wake up early in the morning before anyone does and I will walk around as a girl.It makes feel very good and remind me of the fantastic days with aunt.I think I could do this till my parents come.

Good luck on your journey sweetie
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