I Have Crossdressed For My Mother

       I, if you have read my stories, began crossdressing by the encouragement of my mother.   At the tender age of 11 she began to dress me as a girl.
Over the next  5 years my closet grew with a whole assortment of dresses.  After my sixteenth birthday, she stopped buying me dresses.  I kept all of my dresses that still fit and discarded the rest to either Goodwill or the Volunteers of America.   These groups do the most good for thoise in need.
    At 16 then My male clothing soon returned, but I never accumulated male clothinng as I did my girls clothes.  By the time I was 18 I only owned 4 or 5 pairs of pants, no shorts, and about 6 or seven shirts.  Hell I had more socks then outer clothing and still had 20 dresses in my closet.   Shortly after I turned 18 I had to go into the military (very few xdressing ops there).  I spent the next 4 years in the service (U.S.Navy).  The good thing was i was in special forces so I never went aboard a ship.  I lived off base, so xdressing was a little easier.
    After I came home from the service my mother moved in with me in my house I had purchased.  Over the next few years my mother would have
bouts with depression, added by the fact she now drank and smoked.   She would sit with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other and remember times when we were growing up.  my brothers and my sister.   During one of these times she brought up the days when she would dress me as a girl.
She asked me if I was upset with her by doing that to me.   I assured her that it didn't.   She went on to say she knew that I was very effeminate as a boy.
The term transgendered had not been invented yet.    She was afraid that I was going to be queer (today - Gay).  I told her I wasn't Gay.   She then said she always thought I was more of a girl then a boy.  I was never like most boys.  I loved music, art, poetry and reading.  I never was into sports, no baseball, football or basketball.  I totally despised all sports.  She said I could pick out the most beautiful mothers day cards and birthday cards.  The poetry inside of them was excellent.
    She then asked me if I would put on a dress for her and become her special girl again.   I agreed to do it, why I don't know.   She went to her room and returned with this really nice pale blue dress, a full slip, a bra of hers and some panties.   She handed them to me an said go change.  I went upstairs into my room and began to undress.  I put on the matching panties and the slip, pulled the dress on over my head and adjusted it..  It buttoned up the back, similar to the girls dresses i had worn as a boy.  I was unable to button it so I just buttoned the top button, slipped on my sneakers and went back downstairs.   As soon as she saw me she started crying. I thought I had upset her, but it was tears of joy I found out later.
She had me turn infront of her and she finished buttoning up my dress.   She said she was so happy to have me back.  She wanted me to stay as her speial girl again.   She then told me that if I had been a girl I would have been named MELODIE,  MELODIE ANNE  to be exact.  She then as k me if she could call me by that name for today and I agreed.   It made her so happy.  
    Over the next few months Melodie made several appearances.   My mother seemed happier when I became Melodie.  She had me remove the hair from my body,  got me an afro perm, which was in style for white guys.   She said it added to my girlishness.   Soon Melodie was spending more time with my mother then I was.  She and I went shopping together.   We went to the bars even though I don't drink alcohol and out to dinner on several occasions.   This continued on until my mother developed cancer.   She passed away in October of 1989 on Halloween.  Isn't it ironic that she passed on a day where most of the U.S. was in costume.
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Thats is something special to hold on to and worth more than words can express. Sorry, for the loss of your mom, im sure she is missed dearly. Thank you for sharing that it brought tears to my eyes.

For me it was a manila envelope addressed to me that raised my moms suspecions leading to her opening it and discovering a dozen photos of me dressed as everything from a cheerleader to a high heeled **** and...engaged in sex with both another adult crossdresser and his gorgeous wife.
Mom could have probably done several things ..what she chose to do helped confirm my need to have every subsequent female I had a relationship with learn of my "other slutty side"

This is a wonderful story, thank you!

Sorry about your mother. I loved the story, I wish I could have dressed for my mother. You had a very special mother indeed!!!!!

Thank you for sharing your feelings and emotions with me.<br />
Louise CD

Sorry to hear of your Mothers passing. Your Mom sounds like she was a wonderful person. My Mom caught me the first time that I dressed... She came in to check on me and noticed the neck of her body suit. We didn't talk about it, she just bought me several identical outfits and hid them where I had hidden her stuff under my mattress. For days I was afraid to open the packages. One day after school I went into my dresser and there was all of the clothes open and folded along with a note that read "Just don't let me see you wearing these.

An interesting story - thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Lovely story.

You are a kind and thoughtful son (maybe daughter, too). I am learning more about gender issues, so I appreciate your honesty.

That is a fantastic story. When I was young, I had fantasies of being dressed as a girl by my mom.

I felt so much in that story. I feel that there was alot more to it, maybe on your mothers side, that was untold. I felt for her, and I felt for you. I dont know weather it was beautiful or terrible or a tingling mixture of both, but bless you for telling it. It moved me, gave me insight into a place I have never looked very closely. You are an intersting being and full of heart, God Bless!

Just a beautiful story sweet heart. It sounds like you had a wonderful mother.

I was about 13-15 and was sent to spend summers with an aunt - my mother's sister. While there most of the time was spent as a girl and was trained to be very femnine. This made the aunt easy to get along with, Could pass easy as slender girl even had a few boy girl dates.<br />
<br />
All this didn't turn my into a CD but some of the teaching must have stuck.