My mother has known I have been a crossdresser since I was three or four. She has always embraced the femme side of me and that is sooo awesome. Makes life much better. Our favorite thing to do is have cocktails at lunch, go to the mall, and shop. She's Fab! She will help my with my skirt-suits for work and even help me with panties and bra selection. Sometimes she's bought something for me, and told my dad it was for her. We share a VERY strong bond of LOVE, and TRUST!
If your a paerent with a son who want's to epress his Femme side Embrace IT!
Truly,With Love,
Rachel Beth
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I would definitely help my son if he wanted to be a she. In addition I would definitely help my daughter if she wanted to be a he. Infact when she was 5, she wanted a sex change. I'll share more if anyone wants to message me.

Thanks Rachel, for your words of wisdom! I hope mom's everywhere will be encouraged by them. I had a fairly good later part of life with my mom as she did get involved with my fem side. I just wished that it had been when I was younger and could have used the feminine training so I wouldn't have stumbled so much. Things have gone down hill though as their are many of mothers selfish traits that are being amplified by her aging process. I'm thankful though for those good years that we were able to share our feminine qualities with each other.

Your mother sounds so very special.

you have a totally AWESOME mom, you lucky gurl!

I remember being told I must never scream when I was three, and when I tried her lipstick around the same time I was left in no doubt never to touch her things again. I was also made to deepen my voice as it was too high ~ the list goes on and on. Lots of things like that, trying to knock the girl out of me and toughen me up, it's left me with a lifetime of guilt, secrecy, embarrassment, shame, confusion, shyness, self-loathing and being withdrawn.

Great Mom you have Sis. But then you know that. My Mom bought me clothes but told me that I had to stay in my bed room while wearing.

My mother has started to do the same thing for and with me as well. Beside the fact that I am just a size or two larger than she is.

I, along with other friends is so envious of the special girl-time you were able to share with your mom, I was told from the very beginning that my mom was disappointed in me not been born a girl. My brother came along two years before me, so mom, according to my relatives, was sure that she would have her little girl to dress up. Mom never said it, but others told me she was disappointed not getting her girl. I believe she did her best to teach me many things that, she would teach her young daughter, this included, washing dishes, washing and ironing her clothes, which included her blouses, dresses, skirts and even panties. She taught me how to fold her clothes, hang them on the clothes-line, properly and hang them up or put them away in her special drawers. She taught me how to make cakes, bake, set the table, dust, vacuum and assist in washing and setting her hair. Between my grandmothers and mom I was eagerly taught to sew by hand and machine, knit, crochet, darn, embroider, qwilt and do needle-point, she even showed me how to properly wash my face. I helped my mom shop for her clothes, assist her in what to wear and turn up her skirts and dresses. She allowed me to watch her get dressed and do her make-up in the morning or when she was going out. When she let me flounce around in her squaredance dresses, petticoated and wear her high heels, I was in heaven. As I am thinking now, what other things do mothers teach their daughters, aside from styles and how to curtesy, flirt and shop and dress properly? I wish I had been less afraid and trusting of my mother to share my little-girl feelings and why I hated clothes and why I cried myself to sleep every night. I wish I could turn back the clock. Your and other friends stories are helping. If you want to talk more, message me. Thankyou,elizabethjane

LoriQ! Perfectly spoken! As a person who waxes and wains between masculinity and femininity, traditional and progressive, I could agree more! As we learn more and more about people, there types and the many roles available supposedly to "all"! The placement of gender on household chores is antiquated if not bigoted. Each household has a responsible to learn teach and share what responsibility means, not which gender is responsible for what.

ohh Rachel you are truly blessed to have such a wonderfull understanding Mother, do you think she would like another daughter? just kidding, enjoy!

ohh Rachel you are truly blessed to have such a wonderfull understanding Mother, do you think she would like another daughter? just kidding, enjoy!

I can agree with elliey on this one. You are very forunate in having that trust and bond. I am sure that helped make you the woman you are today also. Glad you got to experience that in your life. Mine was a conservative that never talked much about anything like that even after catching me wearing her clothes. We have lived with a certain amount of guilt through the years and that is one reason I personally believe we have to overcome our past to be able to proceed with our future. So happy you are ahead of the process and live on your terms. Wonderful to have a mom like that. You were blessed.

If my parents had the foresight to help me experience living as a girl for part of my childhood, I believe I would be a happier person today. And I've always loved my parents. They did what they thought was best for me.

My Mother helped me also when I was young (pre-teen and teen). I learned so much and am so thankful.

You were very fortunate in being able to express your femme side with your mother and share those moments. Unfortunately, my mother spent all her time squashing any show of femininity in me. Had any of my children expressed identifying with the other gender, I would have encouraged and supported them regardless.

I agree with you, but all boys should get to explore this side of their nature. Some boys will take to it, some won't, but the opportunity should be there without degrading them in any manner. Just as girls today wear pants, boys who do like dresses and skirts should have the chance to explore it. Even if it is a passing experiment.