My Story Starts With My Aunt

I went to spend a summer with my Aunt and Uncle in the country. I was 12 years old at the time. My Uncle owned a large farm, and he was out working 12+ hours each day. I was too young to do this work, and of course, I was a sissy. Even he knew this. But my Aunt was a seamstress, and she made all new dresses for my sisters and cousins that summer, and i was her model. She made me wear panties because she wanted the dresses to come out perfect. She even made me wear a training bra. One day in July of that summer she took me to the store and made me wear the panties and training bra under my clothes. She bought me a pair of girls shoes and a hippie peasant dress. And, yes, she did make me wear it back to her house. She said it would help her make the dresses better if I learned how to act, walk and be a girl. She made me wear the dress each day, and she made 2 other dresses just for me that week. Since I only saw my Uncle at bedtime, he never really knew what was going on. By the end of the summer my Aunt had me wearing nighties at night, dresses all the time, and taught me how to walk, sit, and act like a girl. On the last night I was there, she had me come to the dinner table when my Uncle was there all dressed up, and he thought I was my sister. He said he didn't know "MaryAnne" was coming this summer also. My Aunt took me home all the way as a girl. When we got to my house, she walked me in, and my mom looked at me, and said to her sister "I see that she didn't give you any trouble this summer." My Aunt and Mom snickered and smiled at each other. Mom then told me to go upstairs and change, and to remember this summer. I did.
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You were so lucky.

You were so lucky to have such a wonderful introduction to gurlhood.

what a lucky sissy

Wow--I had a similar experience--except my mom told them I would prefer to wear girls clothes--I would spend the entire summer in the country, on a farm, dressed as a girl. Go to Sunday school in a frilly dress and petticoats. As I got older, my dreesing would include girdles, garter belts, stockings and high heels. I was sent to the farm every summer from the age of seven to eighteen.

Isn't it great to have such understand mothers and aunts. You know your mother knew you were effeminate, they always know. What needs to told now is if you mother allowed you to further explore your femme side.