My Sister Dressed Me As A Little Girl.

When I was 6 my older sister who was 12 would dress me as a 4 yr old girl. Her girl friend had little sister my size and I was quite small for my age. Her friend would come over with her sister and they would dress me. I had real curly hair and with a couple of bows and pink nail polish I looked like 4 yr old girl. They had a couple of strollers and would walk their little sisters around the block. Take us to the park to play. I hated every minute of it. They took pictures of us with other little girls. When my mother found one of the pictures she was mad with my sister. But wanted to see me dressed. When she did she laughed and got this smile on her face. Now she started to take me out as her little girl. She even got my ears pierced and put me in day care with other little girls.Funny thing is I hated the dresses but love playing with the girls and dolls. Todays its different I love playing with both boys and girls.
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1 Response Mar 18, 2011

See, Mom knows best.