Crossdressing With My Aunt.

My crossdressing started when I was little by my sister then by my mother. It was a truely enjoyable experience and I have not regrets. While being dressed by my mother I was taught how to look and act like a girl. I developed all the feminine mannerisms associated with being female. I was always dressed in either skirts or dresses to maintain that female persona.

But my greatest experiences as i look back came while staying with my Aunt for the summer when I was 14. My Aunt lived in a small town owned her own business. She owned a small dress shop where she also did alterations and designs for clothing. When I wentto stay with her the first thing she did was pick out some clothing for me to wear. Now I had plenty of girl clothes with me, but she said they were not the right style for a girl my age. Instead she dressed me in regular dresses with pantyhose, flats or loafers. Just a touch of makeup. I looked like a typical 14 yr old girl. A far cry from the totally feminine dressed girl my mother wanted.

What I learned from my Aunt that summer was the essence of what it means to be a woman. I learned how to properly clean a house, do the laundry and ironing. How to give myself a proper facial, curl my own hair. There was something exciting about walking around the house with head full of curlers. She taught me how to relax while dressed as a girl. Not to be on constant guard making sure i did everything just right. Everything I did became second nature and I realised that I did not get evcitement from crossdressing. That I had learned I enjoyed doing it as a fine art and the ability to become a girl joy not excitement. I even met a couple of really nice boys while stayingwith her. Instead of beingafraid I might be found out. I found I had confidence and was even able to tell them I didn't want to get envolved because I would be leaving at summers end.

When I returned home I was wearing one of the dresses my Aunt gave me, hair done nicely and just a touch of makeup. My mother was surprized and I told her I had found the girl I was meant to be. Some 8 years later its the same for me today. I just want to be a girl that fits in, nothing to prove, just the average girl on the street.
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It would be nice to know a FemBoy like you!

Very nice story

Blessed family! You truly are what you were meant to be...<br />
kind regards

Glad to hear your life is being successful.

I couldn't agree more.

Way to say it femboy!! Love your attitude, now lets work on the other 80% of the world. I don't know about you but I've found most straight women who realise I'm geneticaly male are far more accepting than straight men. If they only knew what they were missing!!

Since I've gotten a little older and wiser, just like you say. I just want to go out and be myself. Other peoples opinions are just that, their opinions. Its my life to live.

glad you are on your way all of us I think who cross dress only want to be able to go out and about with out eworrying what others say.