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With Her Approval

I'd been crossdressing, rather amaturely, for a while, before my mother found out. She was mad because I told her I was snitching things from laundry rooms and she insisted I stop. Stealing the clothes, not wearing them. I was able to keep all I had taken. After a while she came home one day with a shopping bag and dropped it on my bed. Inside were a coupe of bras, panties, stockings, slips and a dress. She told me she realized I wasn't going to stop wearing girls' clothes and she knew I needed things and that was that I was 14 by then. It was just the two of us so there was no probelm of anyone else discovering the "real me" Her tacit approval suddenly became a sort on complicity and we mo . ved on from there Eventaully I was spending all my time at home as a girl, wearing boy things only for school. By 17 I think I had a more extensive wardrobe than a lot of my female classmates. And with Mother's mentoring I had a style all my own that would have fit in perfectly with the girls at my school and especially with those at the college I moved on to.
Early on she had made me promise not to go outside dressed but after a time the urge enveloped me and I fouind a way of sneaking out of our building, bypassing the elevator and the lobby. It was just a quick scoot across the street to Cental Park and before long I found that I was just another teenaged girl walking through the park. In New York you really have to look bizarre to get any notice. This was wonderful until I bumped into Mother cutting through the park. She wa furious but once she realized no one took any notice she calmed down and another hurdle was left behind.
I went to college locally and while I attended all my classes as a male, there were some afternoon, evening and weekend functions that I went to as a girl and no one was the wiser. Mother even went with me to a Christmas concert. And she said I was one of the best dressed girls there.
And so it went for another 25 years.
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That's a nice story. Your mother sounds wonderful

That's wonderful to have the support from your mom.

cool story

Wow that is such a great story.<br />
I hope you really feel the emotions it evokes for others like me.<br />
Love you<br />
Louise CD

Good for you. I wish all guys could wear girls clothes and not just the ones in NY either. Those of us in the south have to keep things hidden for risk of assault from all those redneck country boys.