When It Started

Well I never thought id find a place like this im older now an live a normal life wit kids n a wife I first started when I was a kid I think like 10 or I found a magazine with a very pretty girl that would go out and let men hvlave there way wit her a lot of older men and I new there was some thing differnt about me that I wanted to be her I went to a cuzin house one day Nd stole a few thongs and matchin bras and wore them in secret no one ever new I would go in my back yard at night when everone was asleep and I had a smooth hairless body and dress up and it felt so good I even made a man doll out of cloths and would stuff a huge cucumber down its pants and lay there hold it and let it spoon and rub up agints me I would masterbait a lot please excuse my spellin and love to feel that I was sexy did that a whole lot as I grew I had a friend his name was kyle he hit puib first I know cause he showed me his hairy **** I couldnt beliveIt look soo nice it made me hot like I would think only a girl could feel just thinking about it I wanted to move my waste in ways I never though I would play around with him like we were gay and he would go wit it I really think we were both on the same page jus never made the move ..........
latinolady latinolady
22-25, M
Sep 18, 2012