Crossdressing And Selfbondage

I have always been turned on by bondage, and have been a cd ever since I was a youngster. When I first discovered the internet years ago, I discovered self-bondage on Gromets This, I thought, is the way for me to go, as my wife was neither into bondage or my cross-dressing. So started many years of experimenting, and enjoying self-bondage. The major discovery of this period was that self-bondage was at its most erotic only when I was cross-dressed, preferably in a slutty fashion. Unfortunately, increasing age has robbed me of a lot of the suppleness needed for arousing self-bondage scenarios, even though the desire to be cross-dressed and bound is still very strong.
Luckily for me,a close friend of many years, became my lover and we discovered we were compatible on most erotic scenarios, including bondage, role play, bdsm etc. She is mainly submissive and loves to be bound for sex, but when she dresses me she seems to automatically to change to dom, and delights in putting me into bondage and punishing me for my sissy behaviour.If we had more time and opportunity to indulge in our passions she would no doubt encourage me back into self bondage so that she could control my ******* as well as dressing me as a maid to serve her every need
Bondage and self-bondage lovers, check out Gromets it is a very worthwhile site
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