In My Early Days

There is only so much one can say, in this small space and the abuse was many things. For me, one of them was being dressed as a female. By my mother. This stop me going out and kept in to do housework and help care for my grandparents and letter some of my mother friends. I was hit a lot and soon found doing what I was told. Give me less pain and it become like most things a way life was. Until later, when I got pen friends and found out there was more to life and I fell in love with one of my pen pals and got out of the hell I was in. I think, the new country. Help me block it out of my mind. Until my wife got sick and almost die. To help her, I had to recall things I had learn. Only wife it came the rest and I almost killed my self, with bad depression. A therapist told me to wear the female cothes and cut down on my depression so I could help my wife and she was ok with it. To where now says it feels more like the past. I am a male out side the house, but inside. I can not do housework with out female clothes on. Some times its like a uniform I have to wear, other times due to other abuses. Its makes me feel more like a female and other needs. Its hard to put into words. My wife has not done housework in 11 years now and she is fine. She is a diabetic and sex is not now one of the things she likes to do. She works a lot and I am alone a lot and would like to chat to some one.

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Thank you for your comment and it does cut down on the depression. But you still feel alone, well I do, Has my wife, who is diabetic as lost interest in a lot of things. Now she works a lot and sees her friends and family and I am a lone a lot. But then, she is 200 pounds less now and can do a lot more than she did.

Once a Cd u will alway be a CD Your story is similar to my husbands. I allow him to dress enfeme if he/she does all the housework. He is much less in a state of depression now he is allowed to dress. As for me I am glad he is not seeing another woman