I Tried On My Wife's Maternity Clothes

When my wife was pregnant. I would rise up early in the morning to shower before work. But would quickly try on her maternity tops and bottoms that were in the hamper. I thought they were so innocent and cute.

I was so jealous of here pregnancy experience. Even right up to the birth when her legs were put high up into the stirrups.

I have not bought any maternity clothes yet. But plan to when I  see something I like...;-)
angiecan angiecan
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

When my first wife was pregnant with our boys I would do the same thing, though I was out to her about my reality. She saw it as comfort and support for her as I also padded up my belly and breasts with pillows and water balloons. I've always wanted to experience pregnancy and child birth! Perhaps my next life