A Big Step

Years ago I wanted a ladies swim suit. I had been wearing dresses, footwear, lingerie for a long time, but swim wear was so much different. Just after marriage, my wife began encouraging me to get one but I wasn't sure what I would do with it. It's one thing to wear ladies shorts & tops in public, but a woman's bathing suit was a whole different ball game.

Eventually, we bought a couple for me. One was a 2 piece suit and the other a one piece, but since I don't " tuck", I had to purchase a little swim skirt to hide the bulge. I would sit on the deck or in the back yard with my breast inserts in the top and sunbathe in privacy, comfort & style. A couple of years ago while out shopping one day with her, we spied a beautiful one piece swimdress in a multicolor swirl design, heavy in pink & lavendar just reeking of femininity...and it was on sale! We got it & I must say it is the most perfectly fitting thing imagineable. It was far less expensive than any 2 piece suit which still required a separate swim skirt.

Since then, I've ventured to the beach and even in our community pool with it. The beach is fairly easy to find a spot away from others and I feel safe and comfortable using a coverup, a ladies straw hat and ladies sunglasses going to & from the car. I feel so good with it on and with my body freshly shaven, the girlish mood is nearly overpowering. I'm now trying to makeup for the years lost because of my fears.
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I love to wear a one piece swim suit. They look and feel good and are so much fun to wear. I feel so feminine when I have one on.

Ladies swim suits are wonderful for sure!

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Sopunds great. I haven't given much thought to swim suits, but now that you mention it they seem like they could be a pretty feminine piece of clothing for us cd's to wear. I'm thinking I would go for the one piece ones, and of course wih a little skit just in case. Would love to see you in it some day!