My Dream

I'm a Bi M/F Transgender Surfer. I've been a surfer all my life, the bi and the transgender stuff I've just owned since retiring from my job of 37 yrs. and moved away from my home town. The Bi thing, well everyones into diversity when it comes to sexuality now a days, no biggie! But when you own up to your Transgender thing people get all weirded out! I told my best friend of 50 yrs. and sometimes lover of my desires of living my life as a Woman. Well we all have our stories and you can guess of the outcome. I wasn't pleasant for sure. Words like: "I don't know YOU!!!!" or "Who are you?" You get it.....

Oh yeah, one more bit of information,to make thing even more challenging for me, along the way of owning up to the letters of the LGBT Community, I also picked up another letter this summer. The "C" Monster!!!! I had an operation to remove a cancerous kidney and now I am a Cancer Survivor! No worries girls, they say that I'm healthy and that the cancer had not spread. I seemed to avoided a life treating wipeout for sure!

Well that's me ladies, my journey to transition has begun. What the cancer thing has taught me is to not put of your heart's desire and my dream......

My dream is to paddle out in the line up at my favorite surfing spot in Central America as a passable woman in my pink bikini and catch a wave and hang my ten beautifully pink toes over the nose of my surfboard. Hang Ten!!!


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Dec 16, 2012