Crossdressing Couple

When I met my wife she liked the idea of me dressing up in her clothes. I decided to surprise her and dressed up in some of her clothes one night before she came home from work. When she walked in the door, I had on one of her dresses, some pantyhose a bra with water filled balloons as filling, and a wig that she had. She almost passed out from excitement on the spot seeing me like that and we had the wildest night yet. As time went on, she asked me to dress up like that more and more. At first it was once or twice a month. Then it was pretty much weekly. This whole time, we were going out and getting clothes that were more my size so I didn't stretch hers. She went online and ordered a pair of silicone breast forms, a pair of panties with foam in the hips and butt, a bra with pockets to hold the forms. The sex that came with the dressing up was the best. The more I dressed up, the kinkier things got. We got into some bondage; both me tying her up and her tying me up. We also had me dress in sexy lingerie and having her give it to me with a strap-on. I often walk around the house wearing a teddy, nightgown, all with the breast forms, wig in place. Its so nice and stressfree to be able to dress in front of her. Check out our profile for more about us.
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3 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Sounds like our house.

dream come true for all of us CD/TV, you two have something truly wonderful, congrats

Great story, as always! I know I sound like a broken record, but I think you two are an awesome couple!! I love hearing about how your wife gets sexually excited when you dress up for her, and how it leads to great sex. I never get tired of reading your stories.