Naughty Thoughts

I have always liked the idea of having my wife get hooked up for the night to satisfy my needs. There is this thing with me that I love wearing lingerie while she is out and hopefully being serviced by a stud. Well one night I confronted her if she would like to have fun for a change going to a club and I asked her maybe to tease a little. She agreed right off like I would have never asked. I went to a lingerie shop in town and got the sheerest pantties and lacy smoth garters and a low cut shelf bra. I was so hot looking at them I was ready to *** in my own panties.. When I got home she looked at what I got her and she waqs really surprised at how revealing they were and asked me what I had in mind. I told her that when we made love I fantasized of her getting it o with someone at a dance. W were having some warm up drinks when she showered and got into them when she got out and headed for the bedroom i told her that she looked hot and when she turned around she wouldnt last long with a guy peeling the blouse and jeans off to lick her all over. I wanted a guy for the night to satisfy my naughty doings with my wife.
Well she was for it and when we went there it didnt take long when she was along at the bar with her nipples protruding through that blouse of hers and she was an instant hit. I was all dressed underneath as well and a block away was a gay bar where there were plenty of cross dressers in there and I went to her to tell her I headind out to see one of my friends and I would be home later and to call me if she didnt find her fun, Well I was in this place called the hales to you bar and this guy and I were talking about lingerie my favorite subject and I told him I leet the wife out on the lease and he grabbed my crotch and asked to go over to my place and I was not about to say no,. When I got there we headed for the couch first and he was all over me and he told me he was married too and that he was a trucker and was tired of his plain ole wife bitching all the time and he got into this and when he started giving me head I thought I was going to explode asd he was doing my through my tight sheer panties. HE KEPT TELLING ME THAT MY WIFE WAS GETTING BANGED HARD AND ASKED ME IF i LIKE HEARING THAT AND WELL i EXPLODED FOR THE FIRST TIME in a mans mouth but he passed for woman they way he was dressed. WE HAD SEX ALL NIGHT AND WHEN i GOT UP HE WAS GONE, LET ME A NOTE TELLING ME HE WOULD RETURN NEXT WEEKEND AND TO CALL. AS FOR MY WIFE WELL SHE WANTED TO BE WITH THE GUY AND SHE TOLD ME EVERYTHING THAT THEY DID THAT NIGHT AND WE HAD SOME HOT SEX TRYING TO TASTE HIS HOT *** WHEN SHE CAME IN THAT SUNDAY MORNING. SHE PACKED UP AND LEFT. WE NEVER HAD KIDS AND AT THE AGE OF 58 SHE WAS HOT FOR A NEW MAN AND SHE GOT HIM. I AM WHAT i AM AND I LOVE IT. THE FAMILY GOT WIND OF IT AND THEY WONT TALK TO ME ANYMORE. BUT HEH I LOVE HOT MEN IN LINGERIE AND ITS WHAT I LOVE AND I WILL CONTINUE TO HAVE FUN AS LONG AS i LIVE. CHEERS TO ALL THE HOT DRESSERS OUT THERE YOU ARE NOT ALONE
kevinwood kevinwood
61-65, M
1 Response Sep 24, 2012

wish you were near me,, I love crossdressing and playing