Cross Stitch Convert

I grew up knitting, embroidering and sewing. I found a cross stitch that says "Dogs have masters, cats have staff"- my mother's favorite saying, and decided to try it as a gift for her. Well I have been through health hell and have lost a lot of the dexterity in my hands, cross stitch has been my savior! I never thought that I would love it this much. I had a bummer moment when (at 4 in the morning after working during an insomniac night) I realized that it is just paint by numbers with thread, but who cares?! It is too much fun!

kalistasadi kalistasadi
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1 Response Mar 27, 2009

It is Janlynn, so I'm not sure if they have it online, however, once I am done I would be happy to mail you my copy of the chart. Just send me a message with your address. Always glad to exchange patterns with people who will use them!<br />
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