I'm Afraid of Being Alone....

I'm really afraid of being this old, saggy, single woman who's never been married and is all alone in life. I think thats the reason I get crushes easily.

Usually, they're just crushes and nothing comes of them....but sometimes something does. I haven't had many boyfriends because usually the guys I like don't like me back, but this time he does.

He's a really great guy...a very sweet, funny, fun-loving, considerate christian guy. We go to the same university, and we met at our Bible group. I didn't like him at first because I liked another guy....but then I noticed him. We're very different....he's a math guy and I'm not. I'm artsy and he's not even close. He's very athletic...and well, I wish i could be. He actually likes me back, though, i don't understand why. They say "opposites attract", but I don't really believe that so this doesn't make much sense.

but he's amazing!

I just don't know if this is genuine or not....I'm afraid that I just like him because he's a christian and a boy. I wish I knew!!!!

DaughterOfTheKing DaughterOfTheKing
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 10, 2007

I know much about opposites attract, havent heard that saying in awhile but looking back at relationships I had... thats a big yes:)

Darlin, I noticed that you call yourself "Daughter of the King". Yet, you are worried that you like this guy just because he is a Christian. You are both Christians and that gives you a great foundation for a relationship. You are hearing this from a bonafide risk taker. Take a chance, quit over thinking everything. Just go with the flow this time and see where the Lord leads you. Sometimes just living your life instead of worrying it to death is much, much easier on you.