I like to stand far away from groups of people and look at them in between my thumb and forefinger.  Then I pretend to crush their head since they appear so small in between my fingers.  I do this from balconies, cliffs, buildings, etc.  Crush your heads...all of you!!!


P.S. - I ripped this off from Kids in the Hall

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Really Humdinger? I've never heard anything like that but it doesn't mean it's not true. Not sure who Margaret Smith is.

Those thieving Kids In The Hall! They stole it from Margaret Smith (oh so dark. oh so funny.)

LOL, I don't think she would find it humorous

Oh and here's what Proudarmywife wrote back, I never heard of this lady till she left the rude comment on this story:<br />
<br />
"Get a life i already have one, also grow up your wat to imature plus your really ugly you shouldt have posted your pic. another thing you know i can delete the comment and already have so no one else is going to read it, plus dont bother messaging back im going to block you or report you!"

Cinderelly, good defense!! Thanks coffeegirl and meggers, keep on crushin' heads!! Wow Proudarmywife is a judgemental one isn't she...I reposted her comment on one of her own stories "Have Been With My Husband Since We Were 16" It actually works quite well..LOL...I should just let it go but damn it's hard!

And I`m holding my fingers out, so my head is uncrushable...

Some of us are David`s, but most of us are Dave`s.<br />
We all have the same name, but we come from different moms...

LOL, I love that one too...wish some channel would still show Kids in the Hall...guess I need to buy the DVD

i do that all the time ... SERIOUSLY! no one ever gets what i'm doing and they look at me as if i'm nutso! well maybe i am but ... well anyway ...