Too Much

i feel like its all too much sometimes
i have to be strong for my mom
for my family
i have to support them
My dad and my brother aren't the most sensitive people in the world
but i am
i cry when no one sees
holding up the weight of my dad's, my brother's, and my sorrows is too much
im not strong enough to handle it and be able to stand up straight
crying is just a way to release all the pressure
i knew that when my mom left, i would have to hold the family together
i knew it and i accepted it
i can't take it back now
it's too late
i'll just have to wait until she comes back so we can share the weight of all the trust that's being put over our shoulders
just a few more years
3 years max
or so i've been told
SecretIsOut SecretIsOut
13-15, F
Jan 18, 2013