Tears Carrying Pain.

I always cry. It is mostly because i am just sad of course. Then there is the fact I am always alone and wishign to be somewhere else instead of stuck in my house. My life sucks I hope it gets better. I dont know. I just don't cry.crying for me takes alot like a overflowing amount of pain. Then two tears fall out of my eyes and i am done. But there is alot of pain there. I talk to my friend on here about it but I would for once like that friend whose shoulder I could cry on without feeling weak.
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2 Responses Aug 26, 2010

I cry, I cry everyday. I am so in love with this man.... I know it sounds stupid and like a typical story. I have given my whole heart to this person and he treats me like I don't exist sometimes. K, I'm new to this... writing on this type of thing. But I have been with him for a year now and it has been good and bad, like any relationship?! Of course I'm not going to be able to write all I have been through. But I feel that he is throwing me down the drain. I give my love, and he rejects it by so many actions. I feel lost and hurt. He is sometimes verbally abusive and I feel that he doesn't reconize it. I am sad all the time b/c he seems to take me forgranted. He is 24 and I am 33, maybe, ha maybe, I know that might have to do with it. I don't know..... he see's me crying and he mocks me. Says I'm tired of hearing/seeing you cry. He tends to not have any compassion or love during that time. Ahhhh, it just hurts that the man/boy I live with just treats me so evil sometimes. Of course there is more to say... I just feel that I can't right now..... I just cry while he lay asleep in peace and I can't sleep. : ( yes I am sad, crying

I think it's ok crying.......When I cry I feel that pain goes away with tears......I olso think that only time will heal your pain and crying....It will pass......Until then try to do whatever you like to do, that will cheer you up a little, and when you feel like crying, you should cry....