At Night

I am having a revolution inside that started 3 years ago, it started first to het rid of the control that my parents had over my things but then it evolved into a recolution whetwr I am competent or a dork, my shyness vs my extrovert nature. Fighting against my shyness brings me memories abou my failire with girls and opportunities i lost because of my shyness, I want to cry sometimes at day, but I am exposed and that would be so emberrasing and humiliant, so I cry at night, when nobody sees, alone; crying for my self, feeling pity for my self, thiking that i am ugly and no girl would like me, this makes me cry and i cry a lot until i get tired and fell asleep.
Fuckencio Fuckencio
18-21, M
1 Response Nov 23, 2013

Good thing that this site exist