I cry every day briefly it lasts just a few seconds but seems longer for no reason and sometimes I'm overwhelmed. I'm embarrassed that it happens at work or out to eat or just talking to someone. People feel uncomfortable being around me because of this. I can't seem to control the tears. I'm not sad. I am in constant pain, back muscles go into spasms everyday, legs hurt as well and have a pinched nerve that shoots down my left arm. I've been to 7 different Dr.'s have had numerous MRI's, cat scan, blood tests and nothing shows up other than I have bad knees and need a spine operation. I'm 66 alone, no friends don't really want to go or do anything because of the crying thing. Been on all kinds of depression meds, Nuedextra for PBS my symptoms match those for PBS but the meds didn't work on me, anxiety meds don't work nothing works. Thyroid is in check. Why cant anyone find out what is causing this crying?? It just got this bad about 2 years ago . I'm tired of being a guinny pig for Dr's who are just guessing what might be wrong. I want so much to be crying free and pain free then I think I could have a better life.
cypresslady cypresslady
66-70, F
Feb 23, 2014