Weeping May Come In the Night....

I'm just a non-stop crying machine. Just when I thought I was about all cried out, my cup runneth over! I cry over my husband's deployment in Iraq. I cry with my 2year old son. I cry because I am lonely and miss my husband so much. I hate being separated from him one day more. I cry when I see couples together. Especially on the base because it's like having salt rubbed in your wound. I am so cried out. Anyone feeling the same out there? You can email me @ hoshianah@gmail.com. Thank you!
hoshi hoshi
36-40, F
3 Responses Jul 28, 2007

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I'm not married but my boyfriend is in the military and i cry all the time because i miss him. I figure crying is probably one of the healthiest ways to let it out. Keep your head up hun he'll be home soon.

sometimes crying is the best way to relieve that stress or emotion your feeling. I cry a lot especially when I get fed up with things or feel sad there is nothing wrong with crying.

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