I Share Their Pain

I hate to see those commercials on TV about those animals being abused or mistreated.

I see them looking scared when someone gets close to them.

I see the fear to love in their eyes after being badly beaten.

I see the sad faces of kittens, hungry for attention and to play with me, but can't.

I see nasty wounds on them and knowing that must've hurt a lot. And can't imagine them going without any relief for a time because they cant speak.

I cry in sympathy when I see severely malnourished and underweight dogs, their eyes express why they deserve to be denied food?

When I hear about someone having their pet run away from home. I would wonder to myself if these people ever abused or neglected their pets?

Then I would secretly hope their pet never comes back and find a better home elsewhere.
And manage to keep a straight face about it.

I want all animals be treated with love and care.

I love them all.
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I agree with you. All animals should be treated with love and care.

Its shocking how some people treat their animals .. abuse in any form should never be tolerated, the idiots should be slung in a cage and given a taste of their own medicine ..

Some people have no compassion for animals. They don\'t have a voice to speak out their pain.