Nobody knows that i sometimes cry at night,not even mt closests friends.Some nights behind closed doors i just cry,let the tears fall.Think abouhat i have done wrong in my life,about unfair things in this world like war and racism.Sometimes i even cry about myself...

sakura19 sakura19
18-21, F
1 Response May 3, 2008

tears cleanse the soul,but you can't hold the worlds problems on your shoulders all the time.I used to be like you.Then I learned you just have to solve those problems best you can.Start with the things that seem small.Instead of crying,it's best to just try to make changes.Keep in mind that 99% of things in life are fixable,from the small,to the large.the 1% is the inevitable.Things you cannot control.Like death,how someone feels or thinks,and a few other things.When you focus on the things you can fix,it all comes together.Then,you wouldn't have anything to cry about really.